Frequently Asked Questions about Grease Trap Cleaning Services

What is a grease trap?

A grease trap is a plumbing device that separates waste grease and fats from wastewater, preventing them from clogging up the plumbing system and causing environmental issues.

Why do I need to clean my grease trap?

Over time, the grease and fats in the trap can build up and reduce its effectiveness. If left uncleaned, the trap can become a health hazard and cause blockages in the plumbing system.

What are the signs that my grease trap needs cleaning?

Some signs that your grease trap may need cleaning include slow draining sinks, foul odors, and visible grease buildup in the trap.

How can red rooter plumbing help with grease trap cleaning?

Red Rooter Plumbing specializes in grease trap cleaning services. Our team of experts can inspect and clean your grease trap, ensuring that it is working effectively and safely. We offer scheduled maintenance plans to help prevent future issues.

How often should I have my grease trap cleaned?

The frequency of grease trap cleaning depends on the amount of usage and the size of the trap. In general, it is recommended to have the trap cleaned every 3-6 months to ensure proper functioning.